Spring is a great time to check out your golf equipment and see if it is ready for the new season.  Grips can become slick, worn and cracked over the previous season and dry out during the winter.  Worn out grips can make your grip pressure too firm, causing tension in your arms, shoulder and back during the swing, limiting turn and rotation, resulting in more of a arm swing.  This can cause your ball to slice and/or pull.  Your shoes also may need to be checked out as-well, worn spikes and cracked leather are two things to look for.  Cracked leather will allow water to find its way to your feet during early morning rounds and nobody wants wet feet.  Worn spikes will not anchor your feet to the ground allowing for slipping during the swing and also slipping on the course, possibly resulting in injury.  If your not sure about your equipment’s condition, bring it into the shop and we would be more then happy to assist you.